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  1. How can I subscribe to this site’s feed?
    You can bookmark or subscribe to Empyreal Environs by just clicking on a button below.
    Atom 1.0 RSS 2.0
  2. You have over 1,000 entries. I don’t have the time to read all of them; what do you recommend?
    If you found this page, you have enough time on your hands to read them all. Oh, all right. Take the shortcut and peruse what I consider my best work on the Essential Empy page.
  3. Does David McCarty really write for you?
    Mr. McCarty does not write Dave’s Diegeses and is not affiliated with this site.
  4. I’m very offended by your depiction of mascots/the players of a certain New York City-area team/Red Sox executives.
    The Humor section of this blog is satire; these features or stories are not real. All names are made up, except in cases when public figures are being satirized. All quotes are fictional and any similarity to actual quotes is coincidental.
  5. Where can I find other Red Sox and baseball blogs?

    Baseball Blogs Open Directory Project at dmoz.org

    There are over 80 blogs listed on the Red Sox Links page. My favorite reads and reference sites are found on my Favorite Sites page. You can also find other obsessives like me at Baseball Blogs and the Open Directory Project.

  6. I like your counter; where did you get it from?
    StatCounter is a no-fuss, user-friendly service.
  7. Who are you again?
    I’m not always exactly certain, so I wrote this handy biographical sketch to remind me.

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